MongoDB Quickstart with Python

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Learn the most popular NoSQL / document database: MongoDB.
In just 2.5 hours, you'll be up and running with MongoDB and Python.

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Why learn MongoDB?


Requires less work to evolve as your app grows.

Most wanted

MongoDB is the most wanted database by a factor of 2.

Powering the web

A $2 billion dollar e-commerce store and many more...


Built-in sharding and replication using the same API.

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What students are saying

Just finished going through this, a great intro to mongodb and nosql in general. The introduction to robo 3t by itself was worth it for me, amazing tool I didn't know before. Seeing how you designed the different parts of the application while explaining the logic behind, was great. Thanks for the content Michael Kennedy!
-- Shay E.

Are you kidding? By the end of first Mongo Quickstart coding example I was checking out colorama which was hardly mentioned, if at all. Watching the short on getting the code from GitHub lecture, I heard the best summary of branches ever. Those are not even core to the course!
-- Kris

Spent the morning with Talk Python's course on Python and MongoDB. #Awesomeness. Michael, you were born to teach man!
-- William H.

Thanks for your podcasts and courses. It’s all been very helpful. Just wanted to let you know that I got a job with a startup. Looking forward to working with Python and even doing some ML. Very exciting stuff. Keep up the great work!
-- Pat

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Course details and outline

chapter duration
Welcome to the course
Why NoSQL and MongoDB
Modeling data in document databases
Introducing MongoEngine
Building the data layer with MongoEngine

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